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Welcome to my personal little webpage. Meow.


Hello. My name is point0 and this is my personal webpage.

I am mainly interested in the internet and technology related to it.
I am almost completely out of the clearnet because of the dominance of spam and corporate content.
I love exploring the internet in search of old web themed sites and reading blogs and articles from other creators.

My Wobble.
Click on it to visit it and the wobble.town website and get yours! :3

My favorite websites. [webring]

Spyware Articles mainly about browsers and their spyware level.
Digdeeper Lots of articles about digital privacy etc.
Shadow Wiki Another website with lots of articles like websites above.
NovaSquirrel She makes cute games and other stuff.
MelonLand My favorite website and forum project.
Yesterweb A website dedicated for the old web community.
SpaceHey Social network website alike MySpace clone.
Status Cafe Your status stream and friends' updates.

You can contact me there:

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